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Eye of Round Pepper Steak

Eye of round steak rolled

Eye of Round Steak

Lean and economical cut. Suitable

Beef Tongue

Beef tongue.

Beef Tripe Honeycomb

Beef Tripe – Honeycomb.

Beef Heart

Beef Heart.

Rump Roast

An economical lean roast. Suitable

Bone In Cross Rib Roast

Bone In Cross Rib Roast,

Sliced Bottom Round

Sliced bottom round, great cut

Beef Tendons

Beef Tendons.

Bottom Round Roast

An economical lean roast. Suitable

Point Brisket Sliced

Sliced for fondue meat. Lean,

Sweetheart Rib Eye Steak

A rib eye steak, butterflied

Beef Tripe – Ommassum

Beef Tripe – Ommassum ,1LB

Pickled Tongue

Beef Tongue pickled in brine