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Black Forest Ham-Havarti Cordon

tenderized chicken breast wrapped around

Split Wings

Split Wings Drummettes and wingettes

Chicken Thigh-Boneless Skinless

Boneless Skinless Chicken Thigh

Boneless Skinless-Chicken Breast

Chicken Breast boneless skinless half

Maui Country Style-Pork Ribs

Maui Country Style-Pork Ribs

Breakfast Sausage

Our housemade Breakfast sausages are

Country Style-Pork Ribs

Bone in pork loin, rib

Honey Garlic-Chicken Wings

Honey Garlic-Chicken Wings

Rib Eye-Delmonico Steak

A boneless steak that is

Pepper Garlic Sausage (GF)

Our housemade Pepper Garlic sausages

Whole Boneless-Pork Butt

Pork shoulder boneless.

Apple Brie Cordons

Barber cordons

Maple Ham

Smoked in house, fully cooked

Pork Maple Sausage

Our housemade Pork and Maple

Pork Sausage

Our housemade Pork sausages are