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Mild Italian Sausage (GF)

Our house made Mild Italian

Farmer Ben Brown Eggs

Farmer Ben Brown Eggs “Our

Hip Stewing Beef

Economical cut. Marbled and flavourful.

Black Forest Ham Havarti Cordon

A single tenderized chicken breast

Honey Garlic Pepperoni

Another Glenwood classic. Smoked in

Pork Tenderloin

Boneless pork tenderloin. Lean and

Pork Collar Butt

Boneless eye of the pork
$4.99 $4.49/LB

Breaded Chicken Strips

Breaded chicken breast strips, bake

6oz Chuck Burgers

6oz Chuck Burgers, unseasoned, ready

Whole Rind on Pork Belly

Fresh BC pork belly, skin

English Banger Sausage

Our  house made English Banger

Thin Cut Beef Short Ribs

Very flavourful, moist and tender

New York Steak

A premium lean steak well

Prime Rib Roast

The King Of Roasts! Rich

Beef Brisket Fat Cap On

A flavourful roast suitable for